Friday, 12 September 2014

Utopia: DVD Review

Utopia: DVD Review

Rating: R18
Released by Roadshow Home Entertainment

This 6 part UK conspiracy thriller series is about as skewed a take on the genre as you could possibly ever foresee.

Utopia Experiments is a graphic novel which is supposed to have predicted the worst disasters of the 20th Century; dismissed as the insane rantings, it's certainly the fevered start of a nightmare for a group of outsiders who find themselves in possession of the manuscript and on the run.

A shadowy organisation known as The Network wants the unpublished second part of the novel, which the group of computer geeks and internet forum dwellers are in possession of - and suddenly, their worlds are changed forever...

Tapping into a vein of something that's niggling many at the turn of the 21st Century, Utopia is a searing drama, a six part rollercoaster ride of stunning visuals and shocking violence. Centring around 3 protagonists initially, Becky (Alexandra Roach), Ian (Misfits star Nathan Stewart-Jarett) and Wilson (break out star Adeel Akhtar), the series delivers a mix of uncertain thrills and clever twists.

A second series is out there, but it remains to be seen if it can capture the pacing, suspense and surprise of the first - well worth a binge watch, Utopia's mix of visuals and style as well as a rich narrative is one of the definitive surprises of the year.

Extras: None



  1. Hi. I consider myself proudly desensitized to violence after enjoying Evil Dead. However the violence in this tv show overwhelmed me! I think the show is best enjoyed in small sips. Binging would be hard work. Nevertheless this show is incredible. The adjectives in your review are earned!

  2. I binged it, and it was great. Not sure I'd be along for year 2 though....can't be as great, right?