Monday, 26 January 2015

Monty Python Live Mostly: DVD review

Monty Python Live Mostly: DVD review

Rating: M
Released by Madman Home Ent

The Pythons' reunion tour was one of the stadia smashes of last year and this DVD captures the essence of the Pythons idiocy and surreality.

Over 10 nights, thousands saw them re-enact some of their most famous sketches from the parrot sketch to the Lumberjack song, to a nuns and all version of Every Sperm is Sacred.

Monty Python Live Mostly - One down Five To Go will offer no surprises to the fans and there's a real joie de vivre to seeing the faves being given a live outing - but it has to be said, those who are not fans of the Pythons won't be converted to their wacky outlook on life.

The stage show itself is fairly formulaic and there's very little anarchy on show with this polished performance and footage from the TV series. It's all very pleasant to watch and with guest appearances from the likes of Eddie Izzard, you can see why they're enduring to their fans, but if you're not a Python, don't expect this to convert you.

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