Friday, 9 January 2015

The IT Crowd: Version 4.0 DVD Review

The IT Crowd: Version 4.0 DVD Review

Rating: M
Released by Roadshow Home Ent

The last full series of the comedy The IT Crowd shows once again that absurdist silliness can pay off.

6 episodes of comedy mayhem with Chris O'Dowd's Roy, Richard Ayoade's Moss and Katherine Parkinson's Jen are all glorious in their own way. Concentrating on the group's IT world and then thrusting them into the real world and watching them flounder in various ways proves to be a tonic.

From Moss getting involved in Street Countdown (a parody of the long-running word and number based UK gameshow for intellectuals) to Roy being caught in a bomb scare, there's so much to enjoy about this series which showcases Father Ted writer Graham Linehan at his very best.

These episodes were made back in 2010 but have shown no sign of ageing in the slightest and while the show is purely at its peak, it's sad to say this (aside from the finale) is the last season shout. But it's well worth your time and is sitcom fun at its best.

Extras: On location, outtakes, hidden extras


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