Monday, 19 January 2015

The Purge: Anarchy: Blu Ray Review

The Purge: Anarchy: Blu Ray Review

Rating: M
Released by Universal Home Ent

After the success of the claustrophobic housebound set The Purge, it was inevitable there would be a sequel.

And here it is - this time, swapping the indoors for the outside world and a glimpse at an America where for 12 hours all crime is government sanctioned and approved. Within reason.

In this latest, the switch from the rich of Ethan Hawke's home to those struggling to make ends meet is a noticeably smart move; a chance to see how the other half live when the chips are down and to further a conspiracy that America does the purge to oppress the masses.

Unfortunately what transpires is a disparate group of three sets of unfortunates finds their lives thrown together when they encounter each other down town; there's the poor sisters whose father's disappeared, the middle class brats who are on the verge of splitting and a man who appears to be using the Purge to avenge a death.

What follows though is a series of over-use of slow mo, lots of explosions and gunfire in among the relative incoherence of the story. It's the lulls which really cripple this Purge though - having set a large canvas in place, those in charge appear to be running scared from it.While the action is largely engaging the slower moments dull the momentum and ultimately, this Purge is less anarchic than its title would have promised.


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