Saturday, 21 February 2015

Doctor Who: Last Christmas: Blu Ray Review

Doctor Who: Last Christmas: Blu Ray Review

Rating: PG
Released by BBC And Roadshow Home Ent

The Doctor and Clara reunite following their apparent break up at the end of the last series in this somewhat traditional base under fire story from the annals of Doctor Who.

When Peter Capaldi's Doctor intercepts Jenna Coleman's Clara as she meets Santa Claus (portrayed with genial joviality by Nick Frost, a perfect piece of casting), the duo's swept into an Arctic base and a seeming conundrum of bizarre proportions as a horde of creatures attacks.

The annual Christmas outing is always a lighter affair for Dr Who, but Last Christmas packs some of the scientific punch as it wraps itself up in its own riddles. Capaldi's softer touch (with occasionally punchy interaction with Nick Frost) is a delight this time around, and once the true reasons for the Doctor and Clara's parting is revealed to each, there's a sense the series has freed itself from its defining shackles of last year - and could go anywhere from now. (Even though to some extent the ending feels abruptly tacked on)

Extras: Bonus BTS features and commentary


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