Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The ABCs of Death 2: DVD Review

The ABCs of Death 2: DVD Review

Rating: R18
Released by Vendetta Films

Ant Timpson and Tim League's idea for an anthology of death following the alphabet gets a second outing, with a whole new range of directors taking the helm for the gruesome chaos.

As ever, with 26 directors and 26 visions of death, there's going to be a widening variety on show - and it's never more obvious than with this release. Some segments impress - from Julian Barratt's B is for Badger and Robert Morgan's stop motion D is for Deloused; but others fail to hit any kind of mark and just make you grateful there's a brevity to all of them.

The highlight though is U is For Utopia, a short which takes the obsession and quest for perfection to a natural conclusion and impresses with its simplicity of vision - but then what would you expect from the director of Cube and Cypher?

All in all, The ABCs of Death 2 will appeal if you're a horror fan and can appreciate short-form creativity; otherwise, viewers will be repulsed by some of the lo-fi imagery and depths of depravity on display here. (So, Ant and Tim have achieved what they set out to do)

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