Thursday, 26 February 2015

Wahlburgers: Season 1: DVD Review

Wahlburgers: Season 1: DVD Review

Rating: PG
Released by Vendetta Films

Whoever knew there was a Wahlberg dynasty?

In this reality series from A&E (the people who brought you Storage Wars), the focus is on the lesser know brother of Mark and Donnie, the Boston based chef Paul Wahlberg.

Dubbed the most talented sibling by Mark, Paul's a chef whose dreams of getting his burger restaurants to work as a Boston based franchise clash directly with the family ambitions of Mark to get it global. That of course causes friction as Paul's very focussed on ensuring the business stays local so as not to lose the special touch he has with it.

Over the course of 9 episodes, we follow the Wahlberg family - and the matriarch - as they deal with Paul catering for Mark's movie premieres, scouting new venues around America, and generally japing around. Eminently watchable for the first 5 or so episodes, this series is an interesting look into the Wahlberg world. It's light and fluffy easy viewing that doesn't challenge, but like any meal, after a while, you start to feel somewhat bloated and a little sick.

Wahlburgers works best when it focuses on Paul's ideas, because Mark emerges as being slightly bratty and selfish as the series progresses.

Fun and forgettable, Wahlburgers is a tantalising look at the Boston family, conveyed under the usual A&E reality (ie occasionally feels scripted) trappings.

Extras: Featurettes and bits and pieces


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