Friday, 17 April 2015

Battlefield Hardline: PS4 Review

Battlefield Hardline: PS4 Review

Released by EA Games
Platform: PS4

Battlefield : Hardline feels like Cops: The Next Gen version.

It's refreshing to see Visceral Games moving away from the military aspects of the previous games and into the realm of Cops and Robbers with Hardline. And it feels like a franchise that's ready for the development should they wish to revisit it in future.

You get to play Officer Nick Mendoza, who finds himself in the middle of a gang war, cop corruption and a whole heap of trouble. That is if you choose to follow the story mode of the game which is split up into episodes and feels like a cop show from the 80s - right down to the cheesy dialogue that's not as distracting as you'd expect and if you're wanting to go with the flow.

But it feels authentic. There's no guns blazing approach here to get results; you need to use stealth, smarts and the occasional flashing of the police badge to ensure success. Any attempt to go gung-ho sees back up called in and your plans falling to pieces.

Story mode is relatively fun; a simple case of progression through the story and a nicely graphically executed campaign, that glistens with HD touches and looks hyper-real with its shiny cars and fast paced action.

However, with Battlefield, it's all about the online, given that that is what people love to indulge in.

With new modes, like Hotwire, a car-based time piece, and plenty of smash and grab speeding activity to be had, there's plenty to keep you engaged. Heists see criminals taking down vaults and you're despatched to stop them.

Overall, pulse-pounding adrenaline is mainly what you'll find in Battlefield Hardline; a nice reinvention of the franchise that really crackles with online creativity and fun.


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