Friday, 8 May 2015

Ride: PS4 Review

Ride: PS4 Review

Released by Milestone
Platform: PS4

Get your motor running and head out on the highway indeed for this simulation that puts you front and centre on two wheels.

It's the enticing prospect of Ride, the new simulator that may give you a little feeling of deja vu when you head out with this game. Leather yourself up, get on your bike and get going - it's a simple enough idea and one which we've all seen before, thanks to the likes of progression through the game and passing through the tracks.

But with over 100 bikes, plenty of courses, time trials, world tours on offer, there's more than enough to keep you satisfied on this sim - which is perhaps a good thing, given the amount of time I spent enjoying the scenery while I skidded through it.

With a tutorial level built into the track, you can pretty much take the game at your own pace, whether you're new or not, but it's really when the racing starts that you can get into this game. If you know your physics. As I mentioned I ploughed off the seat a fair few times, but a gradual learning curve helps you to hit your straps and prevents you from coming a cropper when you go round the bends. It's infuriating though that you don't get any warning of when you're likely to head off (except for the obvious skidding into stones or smashing into the barriers) the bike so you can adjust your trajectory.

It's a very simple game, and in some ways, feels very old school - but visually it's up to the job, with the backgrounds simply looking stunning and no sign of any glitches. However, long loading times between courses and even crashes mires the title a little and slows the overall game flow, which for a simulation is not the best thing.

Granted, Ride is fun and fairly easy to get into - but it's probably more suited to the bike racing fraternity rather than all players.


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