Thursday, 28 May 2015

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood: PS4 Review

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood: PS4 Review

Released by Bethesda
Platform: PS4

First person shooter meets Nazis, robotised dogs and uses big guns to deploy mayhem after stalking around various locations?


In a nutshell that's Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, the prequel to Wolfenstein: the New Order. In this lower-priced, shorter running companion piece, you reprise your role as the killing machine that is BJ Blazkowicz in this alternate history.

Your mission is to get back into Castle Wolfenstein, steal some documents which offer up secret details into a top bigwig's whereabouts and get out alive with them. Only, it doesn't quite go to plan and after one jackboot in the face, Blazkowicz finds himself trapped in the dungeons of the Castle and plotting to escape.

There's something relatively simplistic about The Old Blood, but it's utterly appealing.

Skulking around taking down Nazis that have been powered up thanks to mega suits that are attached to electrical lines is actually tremendous fun and thanks to the speedy intentions of The Old Blood, the game rattles along at a fair pace. Even the moments when the game busts out from the prison are as entertaining too, mixing B movie sensibilities with gun-blasting madness.

Graphically, the game bizarrely feels like parts of Bioshock Infinite with its first person feel and occasional steampunk sensibilities but that soon becomes a thing of the past once the blasting sets in.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood certainly feels like a breezy prequel, a disposable pick up and play element being the major part of the game, but equally, if you want to invest hours in the latest escapades of Blazkowicz, there's still plenty to do and plenty of blood left in this Nazi-zombie killing series.


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