Monday, 29 June 2015

Farming Simulator 15: PS4 Review

Farming Simulator 15: PS4 Review

Platform: PS4

I've got a brand new combine harvester and I'll give you the key, UK country folk band The Wurzels once sang.

Well, that harvester is now a shiny PS4 upgrade and the keyboard sensation that swept the gaming world by storm is now on console - and likely to appeal to townies who just fancy a bit of time in the sun without the inconvenience of the 4am starts.

Ultimately, what this game is is quite simply, running a farm. Nothing more, nothing less.

From the intricacies of baling hay, sowing crops, ploughing the land and working the fields, Farming Simulator 15 takes you on a tour of the land and gives you the chance to benefit electronically from it. If you're new to the game too, then that's no worries as a series of tutorials take you through the basics - from linking your baler to your tractor, to offloading crops into a nearby truck, it's all fairly easy and simple to do.

Ploughing, sowing and driving all take a modicum of skill, and if we're honest, a modicum of toleration too so that you don't end up feeling bored senseless by the monotony of it all. Growing crops is all very well, but given that you have to trade too, there's a degree of playing the market and working out the best for what you've done.

Graphically, it's quite simple. You can play first person too if you fancy being in the seat of the tractor and to be frank, it all works very smoothly and looks quite polished and slick. Challenges litter the game too, giving you something to do other than the rudimentary basics and ensuring you have the will to live for logging in daily. There's also the option to buy new equipment and essentially work your way up the experience level of the game.

While there's little more to do than the realities of running a farm, Farming Simulator 15 fulfills that promise more than adequately; from its gameplay and look, it has somewhat limited appeal but as a time filler for a rainy day (to make you grateful you're not out on the land) you can't beat it.


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