Monday, 1 June 2015

Race The Sun: PS4 Review

Race The Sun: PS4 Review

Platform: PS4

It's the simplest games which hook you in.

And indie title Race The Sun falls squarely into that camp, mixing simple graphics with great gameplay for a perfectly compelling experience.

Simply put, you control a craft that flies through landscapes, rushing to get to the end of each region before you run out of power. The reason you can lose power is simple - your craft is powered by the sun, and you need the rays to stay in the race.

But, it's not quite that easy - with various buildings around casting shadows and other structures that you can smash into, there are plenty of obstacles to negotiate to slow your progress. Collecting light orbs known as Tris (not the character from Insurgent) and completing various challenges within the levels give you access to various power ups which you need to further your progress.

From jumps to speed ups, to magnets to battery to install on your craft, there's plenty to aim for - and the fact the worlds change every 24 hours means, there's plenty of variety to get you well and truly hooked in; there's no way you can learn the short cuts because 24 hours later, that entire landscape is gone. 25 challenges litter the game with you aiming to achieve all of those for completion - which take maybe a day to do, depending on your play. It's now a game which is ripe for further DLC and more content, and given the game was a Kickstarter, we can but hope that is the case

Graphically, the game goes for minimal with greys washing the screen in a monochrome colour, but giving life to the coloured elements of power ups and the sun in the background.

Simple and eminently playable, Race The Sun is a great title that deserves to be in your account to wile away a fiendish amount of pleasurable fun.


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