Sunday, 16 August 2015

Godzilla PS4 Review

Godzilla PS4 Review

Platform: PS4
Released by Bandai Namco games


The mighty name, the iconic monster and the symbol of destruction gets his latest outing on the PlayStation 4.

But sadly, it's not exactly a cerebral offering to challenge the core dynamics of the creature, which is to simply smash and grab everything around him. Doing so garners the creature a degree of G Energy, which helps him grow and gain mass as he unleashes his own unique level of destruction on cities around. Gaining in mass and letting loose with his toxic bad breath, this is a Godzilla that's really only about the destruction and little else.

Unfortunately, it ends up feeling something a little akin to Street Fighter or Tekken as you just smash and mash buttons to achieve various combos. Controls are simple but somehow manage to be difficult - and what should be easy to control becomes a bit of a behemoth - and it's clumsy to say the least.

There's no grace in the fighting, no chance to shift targets or to lock on so the whole thing becomes a bit of a crap shoot with varying degrees of success and growing levels of frustration.

Graphically, the game gets the look of the Kaiju spot on and that's perhaps the one thing where this Godzilla excels - it's lovingly crafted towards fans of the beast, even if the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired.

Godzilla may smash things and lack finesse but this latest update of the classic creature sells the creation short - it's not exactly the best iteration of what could be done and granted, it goes for the core dynamics with simply smash and bash, destroying everything in its path - but it's ultimately soulless, a raging monster that screams to no effect.


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