Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Mega Man Legacy collection: PS4 Review

Mega Man Legacy collection: PS4 Review

Platform: PS4
Released by Capcom

There's something utterly fiendish about the wave of nostalgia riding through the gaming industry at the moment.

What with Rare Replay proffering up 30 games to dive into, it's currently en vogue to be surfing the wave - and Mega Man Legacy Collection gives you yet another chance to do exactly that.

The Blue Bomber's become synonymous with 8-bit gaming and this collection pulls together the 6 original 8-bit games to pit you into the agony of side-scrolling action once again. Bringing back iconic villain Dr Willy and his minions make things worse as Mega Man powers from one side of the screen to the other to try and fight through to the end.

Mega Man's collection is fiendishly hard - at times, there were echoes of Ghosts'n'Goblins level of difficulty as you try to fend off creatures, jump and shoot at the same time. It's incredibly hard in places, and thanks to the ethos of the 1980s gaming, there's no chance to pick up where you left off and dust yourself down when you're killed.

Even the critters you've despatched on the previous screen will be back if you inadvertently land back on a level area you've already cleared. It's a nice touch, and perhaps we've all got softer these days with gaming, but it has to be said, after a while there's a fair degree of frustration if it happens to you.

Also included in the game are a series of mode - Museum mode gives you a chance to look at concept sketches; challenge mode gives you the chance to encounter the game if you're new or just looking for something different. And the music is so incredibly retro and vaguely annoying that you'll either be singing along or slinging the mute button into action.

The thing with the Mega Man collection is that the authenticity rings through the six games - graphically the 8 bit recreation works well on the next gen console, and there's hardly any lag or glitches throughout

Unforgiving and unrelenting, Mega Man is 8 bit gaming heaven - just be aware that it's so incredibly difficult in places and you may find your blood pressure rising the moment you fire it up.


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