Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Dying Light: The Following: PS4 Review

Dying Light: The Following: PS4 Review

Released by Techland
Platform: PS4

It's expansion time for the Dying Light series with a pack that's similar to the first game, but ramps up other parts.

It's the open world which sets the expansion apart and the fact that driving forms a part of it too.

Loosely put, The Following throws you back into the infected world of the Zombies as you take on the role of Kyle Crane. Discovering that a cultist group has survived and managed to control the virus, Crane takes off into the wilds to investigate...

Once again parkour, climbing and jumping off things helps you zip about and helps you counter the tedium of the outside world. Equally a driveable dune buggy helps you through the acres of farmland that adorn your world, a far cry from the crumbling vistas of the main game.

The map's twice as large as the original Dying Light map and will see you having plenty of fun hurtling around trying to work out what's what and where to go next. Side quests are the main thrust of the game as you try to work out what's going on and how and who to trust; fetching things, running errands, Kyle's got his work cut out - and consequently when the hordes attack, so do you.

Thankfully, extra weapons such as crossbows and revolvers help to mow down the undead, as does your drivable car, which can be powered up and turned into quite the Mad Max mobile. Customisation is also thrown in and gives you the chance to immerse yourself in this world. Though the fact the car can break down won't exactly help matters either. Especially when it is dark.

The expansion itself is relatively fun and builds on the world created in Dying Light. Techland's commitment to it is commendable and while the game suffers a little from a weaker main story narrative, its dedication to its open world mean it's worth your time and your effort.

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