Sunday, 28 February 2016

Oscars 2016 winners

Oscars 2016 winners

With the Oscars just hours away, here's the list of who I believe should /will take the grand prizes:

From the main categories, the winners of the 88th Academy Awards will be:

Best picture: Spotlight / The Revenant
Best director: Alejandro Innaritu, The Revenant
Best actor: Leonardo di Caprio
Best actress: Brie Larson
Best supporting actor: Sylvester Stallone
Best supporting actress: Alicia Vikander
Best original screenplay: Spotlight / Straight Outta Compton
Best adapted screenplay: The Big Short/  Room
Best animated feature: Inside Out
Best doco: Amy / Cartel Land
Best foreign language film: Son of Saul


  1. Gday Darren
    I listen to you every Sat on Jack's show
    I'm a massive film buff and I make sure I've seen every nominated film each year.
    I submit my complete considered list for your perusal

    1. Best supporting actress
    Alicia Vikander The Danish girl

    2. Best supporting actor
    Sylvestor Stallone Creed

    3. Best Actor
    Leonardo DiCaprio The Revenant

    4. Best Actress
    Brie Larsen Room

    5. Best Director
    Alegandro Inarritu The Revenant

    6. Best Picture
    The Revenant

    7. Best Animated film Inside Out

    8. Best Animated short Sanjay's Super team

    9. Best Documentary Amy

    10. Best Doc short Body team 12

    11. Live action short film Ave Maria

    12. Best cinematography The Revenant

    13. Best editing Mad Max Fury Road

    14. Best original screenplay Spotlight

    15. Best adapted acreenplay The Big Short

    16. Best Costume Mad Max Fury Road

    17. Best sound mixing Mad Max Fury Road

    18. Best sound effects editing Mad Max Fury Road

    19. Best hair and makeup Mad Max Fury Road

    20. Best production design Mad Max fury Road

    21. Best song
    Till it happens to you from The Hunting Ground Dianne Warren and Lady gaga

    22. Best Score
    Ennio Morricone The Hateful 8

    23. Best Visual effects Star Wars The force awakens

    24. Best Foreign Language Film Son of Saul


    Rajeeva Gooneratne

  2. Hey Rajeeva, thanks for listening, and getting in touch too - that's really cool of you!
    That's a great list - pretty sure you're a Mad Max fan then?
    I'd love to see Alicia get it as she was the true Danish girl... we'll see later who is right and who is wrong! :)