Thursday, 18 February 2016

Unravel: PS4 Review

Unravel: PS4 Review

Released by EA
Platform: PS4

Move over Sackboy, there's a new bundle of cute in town.

In Unravel, Developer ColdWood's brought something quite adorable to life, but rather than rest on their laurels and let the visuals take the credit, they've created something that is also emotionally arresting.

Basically, the game centres around Yarny, a red yarn-based creature that stumbles around his environment and has to solve puzzles to get through each level. But here's the kicker with Yarny - you use his very own threads to help solve the puzzles, defeat gravity and confound physics.

As he moves, he begins to unravel and in solving puzzles such as jumping, swinging, negotiating seesaws and heights, Yarny has to plan ahead, look for extra twine and gather some details on his past.

In a nutshell what ColdWood's created is something quite uniquely special that gives as much back as you put into it. Which if it sounds like an odd thing to say, is not.

From its beautifully rendered photo-realistic backgrounds (based on Sweden apparently) through to its haunting music, Unravel is an experience more than anything. Sure, there are frustrations as you think about how to solve the puzzles and what to do next, but it's more about the threading connection that joins us all.

From tying knots around the game, to using your own twine to catapult through the air, Unravel is not a game that takes its audience for fools; it takes time to think through even the simplest of puzzles and what to do when the thread isn't enough to carry you to where you need to.

It's an impressive feat for a smaller game that it hits more emotional beats than some of the AAA titles out there, but that's largely in part due to Yarny as you travel on this journey of life.

This beautifully created little bundle is so expressive in the most minimalist of ways.

Whether it's shaking water from himself and little droplets firing out like a dog shaking itself dry, or simply standing there looking at you, this is a critter that hits the heartstrings as much as the eyes.

While the story plot is minimal and is best not spoiled, the experience is the opposite; Unravel is clever, cute, content to hit every emotion and totally special.


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