Saturday, 4 June 2016

Fear The Walking Dead: Season 1 : Blu Ray Review

Fear The Walking Dead: Season 1 : Blu Ray Review

Rating: M
Released by eOne Ent

The companion series to The Walking Dead is a curious beast.

It suffers from the fact that everyone knows what is coming. given the main show, and yet somehow, it never quite captures the thrust and thrill of what drives the idea.

Set before the global pandemic that released the undead, it centres on Cliff Curtis's Travis, a teacher who finds himself and his family in the midst of a strange day as the virus begins.

Essentially moody and atmospheric but also a little slow at times, the series never quite reaches the potential of the Walking Dead in terms of character and those in the firing line aren't exactly characters you're fully cheering for.

That said, Fear The Walking Dead uses its panic premise well and executes the build up subtly.

The second season is supposed to be longer than these six episodes and it's to be hoped the show builds on its ideas rather than spending time in a military zone that stalls proceedings.

The show needs to develop its characters a little more to give it the edge and it's hoped that if it builds on this, season two could be a real killer.

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