Thursday, 9 June 2016

Storage Wars: Collection Six: DVD Review

Storage Wars: Collection Six: DVD Review

Rating: PG
Released by Vendetta Films

This latest collection of Storage Wars collects some 20 eps of the show from the 2013 season together.

And it's exactly what you'd expect from the show if you're a fan - a lot of arguing, posturing and poking around lockers to unearth treasures.

The format isn't exactly feeling tired and it's not exactly feeling fresh either - after a while the squabbling between Darryl and his enemies gets a little tedious but is obviously milked for dramatic effect.

Noteable for featuring episodes with Mark Balelo who committed suicide, this latest collection is a solid if unremarkable affair, that after some 20 eps begins to feel a little tired. Sadly the show's becoming too much of a parody of itself and a little less about what's unearthed within the lockers which was always the thrill of the chase.

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