Wednesday, 23 May 2018

The Sinner: Season One: DVD Review

The Sinner: Season One: DVD Review

Rating: R16
Released by Universal Home Ent
The Sinner: Season One: DVD Review
Jessica Biel stars in the adaptation of Petra Hammesfhar's novel about a woman who, one day on the beach, cracks and stabs someone to death.

As the police delve into the killing, mysterious secrets and a conspiracy emerge...

Biel and co-star Bill Pullman make for harrowing partners in this thriller, which has twists aplenty and is willing to reward those who stick with its slower moments.

Whilst the book's darkness may have been toned down for the TV show, there's still a feeling of claustrophobia and unease as it plays out - and Biel commits fully to the role, with Christopher Abbott proving to be a worthy foil and a growing less-recognised talent.

Ultimately, The Sinner takes its time to grip, but finally does when it all comes together.

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