Monday, 15 February 2016

Gravity Rush Remastered: PS4 Review

Gravity Rush Remastered: PS4 Review

Platform: PS4
Released by Sony Computer Entertainment

The remasters of 2016 continue....

Thankfully, this latest is a PS Vita classic (seems weird to say that - almost as if the VITA's been abandoned) - the PS4 version of Gravity Rush.

From the director of Silent Hill Keiichiro Toyama, comes Gravity Rush as exciting an experience as you'll ever get on the handheld device.

Set on a floating world, you play Kat, a girl who wakes up with no memory of who she is. As she awakes, she finds herself accosted by a black cat who mysteriously gives her powers to control gravity. Kat suddenly discovers that she has the power to save the world around her from attacking forces known as the Nevi and hopefully ensure they survive the oncoming Gravity storm threatening their world...

Melding comic book sensibilities into the hero and some radically impressive controls, Gravity Rush is a joyous game which is Manga-esque in its execution. It's also beautifully presented with the PS4 representing the unique look of the VITA original down to a tee and producing a crisp, tight and sharp set of graphics.

You explore the open world around you, get set missions which range from the important such as protecting the world from the Nevi to the more obscure levitating furniture around to deck out your new pad. All the time, you get to flip gravity, fly through the sky and fall as you try and work out how best to control your new powers, as well as standing on walls, negotiating floating objects and generally using your skills to your advantage.

You also get rewarded with boosted powers as your game play and skills evolve; it's a cunning move and one which is perfectly in line with the ongoing storyline; anyone with intelligence grows in skillset and in Gravity Rush, patience and endurance are rightfully rewarded.

Cut scenes on the game play out in comic book panel form and it's a brilliant touch with gives this game a wondrous feel and a perfect setting. Fighting can be rough and ready as you hurtle through the air to fight Nevi, if you're not in control, you smash into buildings and walls rather than your intended target. 

It's a nice raw touch which gives the getting a grip on the game something to aim for. Add into that mix, a series of timed minigames and pretty much, there's something for every game player here.

Gravity Rush is indeed a rush - it was a scintillating PS Vita experience which deserved to be cherished, experienced and raved about. While the PS4 doesn't quite have the vicarious thrill of the VITA's revolutionary approach to its controls, it does offer a few unique touches with the use of the controller that go some way to satiating that desire.

Including all the game's original DLC is also a wise move and will keep you engaged despite some of the more repetitive elements of the game. 

All in all, Gravity Rush Remastered stands on its own two feet because of how little it was seen on its original outing. While it's potentially time to put away all of the remastering of games and offer up something new, Gravity Rush remains a thrill from beginning to end.


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