Thursday, 24 November 2016

The London Heist: PS VR Review

The London Heist: PS VR Review

Platform: PS VR
Released by Sony

As part of the VR Worlds experience, The London Heist is a stand out.

With its Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Move controllers mentality, this East-end set tale of gangsters, shooting and a jewel is one of the standalone elements of the PS VR Worlds title - and could easily have been  a game in its own right, if it had been expanded out.

Set up and under suspicion for having nabbed a jewel, you're in the action from the get-go, either being tied up in a warehouse or sat in the seat of a car shooting at bad guys heading your way.

Essentially a collection of cut-scenes where you get to interact with the world around you as well as firing some guns as besuited bad guys take you on, The London Heist is a Statham style experience which could have been more.

The cockney accents are laid on thick and the action is a clear indication of the Guy Ritchie style ethos at work - but again, it's too short an experience to qualify as a game (even though it is part of the PS VR Worlds package).

You get to practise in a shooting alley as well, and the pace and thrill of the overall game is definitely worth investing in. It's just a shame it wasn't a longer piece - as it could have been one of the stand out titles for the PS VR launch.

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