Saturday, 26 November 2016

EVE Valkyrie: PS VR Review

EVE Valkyrie: PS VR Review

Platform: PS VR
Released by CCP Games

The dogfighting simulator is perhaps one of the few ideas that has really begun to fly on the PS VR.

Whether it's the tanks of Battle Zone or this latest, there's something about the ethos, immersiveness and ability to view 360 degrees that's really hit with the launch of the PS VR.

And EVE Valkyrie is no different.

Assuming the role of a cloned pilot, and feeling very much like Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers, it's into the stars you go - with hordes of ships coming your way.

Pursuing targets, floating around space and generally looking around to see what is ahead and what is overhead is nothing short of thrilling in EVE Valkyrie. Dogfights are good fun and the game's smoothness staves off any rearing of motion sickness' ugly head.

Slick presentation makes the game feel like it's worth spending time with and while it's a progression that began with the likes of Elite, EVE Valkyrie rightly feels like the next step. There's nothing more exciting than seeing the craft below your hands and the cockpit feeling smooth, slick and spacelike.

With a good solid pace and an execution that genuinely makes you feel like you're in space, EVE Valkyrie is one of the more thrilling executions in PS VR - and is a game that's more game than experience; but ultimately, it's an essential purchase.

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