Saturday, 5 November 2016

Headmaster PSVR Review

Headmaster PSVR Review

Platform: PSVR
Developed by Frame Interactive

Ever wanted to be part of a stalag training camp aimed at ensuring you nod complicity while heading balls into a goal?

Well, then Headmaster is the game for you.

Cheekily dropping you into a training camp and pushing the idea that you can improve with practice, the game Headmaster is about little more than simply nodding the correct way and sending balls into the goal as you try to win your own freedom.

Using different angles, the ball heads different ways and it takes a little while to work out exactly what's the right way to send the ball flying into the goal mouth. The more you progress the harder it gets to knock the ball into the expected direction and the more obstructions are placed in the way.

It's a simplistic premise, and with the tongue in cheek humour (you train at night under the starry skies and with the silhouette of a watch tower in the background) the game's actually quite enjoyable when you consider how simplistic the actual premise of it all is.

Occasionally the tracking of the set makes it a little difficult to achieve the overall aim of what's required and goal attempts to the side are a little harder than you'd expect, but all in all Headmaster is actually a novel experience as you play through the Football Improvement Centre.

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