Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Kitchen: PS VR Review

Kitchen: PS VR Review

Released by Capcom
Platform: PS VR

If Resident Evil: Biohazard has any plans to scare us stupid in January, then Kitchen's VR Demo (available free on the PS Store now) is an indication we'll all need to be wearing nappies come release date.

Utilising the idea of the SAW movies, Kitchen drops you, cable-tied and sitting in a kitchen setting where it's evident the cleaner's not been for months. Grubby, grimy and looking like hell, you've got a recording camera shoved in your face, as you raise the motion controller to see your hands are tied.

As you thrust the camera away, what looks to be a body to your left comes to life - and that's where the nightmares start; not because it's a zombie but because it's a desperate scrabble to get away from something else lurking in the room.

What Kitchen gets right in its very brief execution (the thing lasts all of about 5 minutes) is the sense of depth and immersiveness. The sole location, with its dirty decor, is terrifying and claustrophobic, and while some of the play-out of the piece is frankly obvious to anyone aware of the horror genre, the clever stretching out of the tension adds much.

With Biohazard likely to be a PS VR Exclusive for a while, the bar's been set reasonably high. And with sound and atmospherics playing a large part here, here's hoping the wait will be worth it.

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