Thursday, 26 August 2010

Kick Ass: DVD Review

Kick Ass: DVD Review

Kick Ass
Rating: R18
Released by Universal Home Pictures
Comic book movies are de rigeur once again - what with Scott Pilgrim Vs The World in cinemas currently - and now with the arrival of Kick Ass on DVD.

In Kick Ass, Aaron Johnson stars as Dave Lizewski, your average teenage boy who is at a loss as to why no-ones ever become a superhero. So donning an all over green body scuba suit, Dave aka Kick Ass heads out to the streets to see if he can make a difference.

And he does for about 2 minutes; before he's stabbed, beaten up and run over by a car.

This kind of sets the tone for the film - horrifically funny and amusing, things escalate for Kick Ass when the local crime lord deems it's time to shut him down.

Coupled with some very real violence (and one use of some boundary pushing language from the young Hit Girl, which offended some censors), this comic book adaptation embraces the reality of the superhero world and subverts your expectations.

Brought to life stylishly to the screen; along with a pumping soundtrack, cut scenes of fights and a truly brilliant flashback involving the best use of a comic ever committed to celluloid, Kick Ass really does reset the boundaries for the genre.

It's great fun - but even I have to admit (sadly) it won't be for everyone. That said, you really should give it a try

Extras: The 2 disc version is packed with over 2 hours of extras - including some goodies like the origin of the comic book, commentary with director, exclusive artwork - it's a real comic book lover's treat.

Rating: 8/10

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