Sunday, 29 August 2010

Leon: Blu Ray Review

Leon: Blu Ray Review

Leon: The Professional - Blu Ray
Rating: R18
Released by Madman Entertainment

As Madman continues to release essential Luc Beeson films (La Femme Nikita is also out on Blu Ray), this remains one of his best.

In a star making turn, Jean Reno plays a hitman who lives a solitary life (by necessity of his career choice) - however, one day his world is overturned when Mathilde (debut performance from Natalie Portman) ends up on his doorstep.

Having escaped being killed by Gary Oldman's psychotic and corrupt cop, she needs help.

A friendship grows and Leon decides to avenge Mathilde's losses - by teaching her how to become a hit man&

Just stunning from beginning to end, Leon was one of the greatest films of the 90s - and remains thoroughly watchable from beginning to end. It's still awesome and impressive - with all the cast delivering some of their best performances.

Extras: Extended cut, theatrical release, a 10 year doco and portraits of the main actors are good solid if unspectacular extras for such an iconic film

Rating: 9/10

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