Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Dr Who S5 Vol 2: DVD Review

Dr Who S5 Vol 2: DVD Review

Doctor Who Series 5 Vol 2
Rating: PG
Released by Roadshow Entertainment
Another month, another set of Dr Who releases.
This time, in this 3 story set - Matt Smith's 11th Doctor faces off against one of the iconic monsters of the revamped show which came back in 2005 - the Weeping Angels.
And given how their creator Steven Moffat's now running the show, you wouldn't be surprised.
The main bones of this release is the two part adventure where the Doctor investigates the return of not only the Weeping Angels (those stone statues which terrified Carey Mulligan in Blink) but also the enigmatic River Song (Alex Kingston).
This two parter's packed with some suspenseful and terrifying moments - such as Karen Gillan's Amy being terrorized by an Angel in a way very similar to The Ring horror film. It's also impressive for deepening the mystique of Song and her connection to the Doctor as well as forwarding the ongoing series arc about time being forgotten.
It's also a bit lusty here and there too - with sexy flirtation being a big part of the end - and that's where third adventure, The Vampires of Venice comes in as the Doc's forced to make Amy realize how happy she is with her fiancée Rory. So he whisks them off to Venice where they end up looking into what may be vampires.
All of these episodes have a gusto and joie de vivre and are pleasant enough watching for all the family. Matt Smith once again delivers in spades and all of the supporting cast add their considerable weight to the stories.
Extras: Monster files takes a look at the creatures from these adventures - part of the ongoing basic extras package.

Rating: 7/10

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