Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Solitary Man: DVD Review

Solitary Man: DVD Review

Solitary Man
Released by Roadshow Entertainment
Rating: M
Michael Douglas once again reprises his rogueish cad act for his part as Ben Kalman, a New Yorker who's had it all - and blown it.
Once a car dealership owner, this ladies man has destroyed his life through bad choices - but appears to be in the throes of pulling it back again.
He's now with Jordan (Mary Louise Parker) and using her connections in the car world to help get himself back on his feet.
And Ben's also agreed to try and help Jordan's daughter get back into his former Uni - by taking her to the interview.
However, a leopard can never change his spots and after a night of guilty pleasure, Ben's about to lose it all again.
Solitary Man is an average sort of film - it gets by on the fact that Douglas rolls out his well worn schtick as that caddish charmer (which we're likely to see again in Wall Street 2) and some solid performances from the supporting cast (Susan Sarandon, Jesse Eisenberg, Danny DeVito).
But overall, it's a little plodding and hard to root for a guy who keeps screwing it up - even when it's played so well by Douglas.
Extras: None

Rating: 5/10

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