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Game review: The Sly Trilogy

Game review: The Sly Trilogy

The Sly Trilogy
Released by Sony for PS3
Nearly a decade after its original release on PlayStation 2, this classic HD remastering of the Sly Trilogy has hit PS3.
The Sly Trilogy collects together the platforming games Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, Sly 2: Band of Thieves and Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, a trio of extremely playable games.
The hero is Sly Cooper, who's a pastiche of film noir/ comic book - Cooper is a master thief, with a question mark style cane, who vaults through the air, sneaks about and generally does the theft stuff pretty well.
In the first game, Sly's on the hunt for a book which collects together his family's thieving tricks of the trade - which ironically has been stolen. The second sees him tracking down parts of a clock which has super powers - and the final outing sees him trying to break into a family vault.
The Sly Trilogy is immensely playable third person stuff marred only by a minor problem.
Across mini levels within each, the game plays well and zips along with ease - there's occasional frustrations with the viewpoint of the character not always being the easiest to negotiate - but it's a minor niggle. There's also the bonus that this game can be played with PlayStation Move too - adding to the original on many levels.
This version's been ported over from the original trilogy and the HD quality is pretty impressive with cartoon segueways into each adventure - voiceovers and characters add humour and amusement to the proceedings.
It's challenging in parts but with ways to boost your immunity during levels and a bit of memory, you can beat most of the threats and end of level bosses fairly quickly during each heist mini-adventure.
The collection of three games is a brilliant move which allows you to flit between adventures and pick up wherever you want. With extra moves to be learned, and a depth of gaming, plus with mini games within, there's certainly hours and hours of entertainment here.
The Sly Trilogy is a welcome remastering - it's true to the original and expands the fun element to all gamers of any age.

Rating: 8/10

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