Thursday, 27 January 2011

Dr Who: The Seeds of Doom: DVD Review

Dr Who: The Seeds of Doom: DVD Review

Dr Who - The Seeds of Doom

Released by BBC and Roadshow
Rating: G

This six parter from 1976 and the Tom Baker era is a firm fan favourite.

In it the 4th Doctor and his companion Sarah Jane (the ever popular Elisabeth Sladen) discover a threat to the Earth (again) with the finding of two seed pods in the arctic waste.

When the alien Krynoid pods find their way into the hands of a deranged botanist, the Doc's got a fight on his hands to ensure life on Earth doesn't end - and the plants don't take over.
Classic, revered and well acted, The Seeds of Doom is Who firing on all cylinders - it's gritty, and a serial which is the very best of Who - thanks in part to the acting of Baker and Sladen.

The pair here deliver a masterclass in Who - and there's a real edginess to this; a feeling that the stakes are higher than ever.

A lively commentary with Baker (but sadly missing Sladen) enriches the affair - and the extras on this two disc set continue the high quality of recent releases. A short doco looking at the birth of the Dr Who Magazine is a welcome addition.

All in all, if you were ever looking for a jumping off point and a reason to watch Dr Who pre its 2005 relaunch, this is it.

Extras: Commentary, Doco on the making of the serial, doco on the comic adventures of Dr Who, Easter eggs - a good bunch.

Rating: 8/10

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