Monday, 24 January 2011

Survivors: S2 DVD Review

Survivors: S2 DVD Review

Survivors Series Two

Released by BBC And Roadshow
Rating: M

The second series of the post apocalyptic drama picks up on the cliff hanger of season one and then rapidly moves on during the course of its six episodes.

Based on Terry Nation's original series from the 70s, this drama isn't bad going - and thanks to a cast of talented actors, it's pretty plausible.

But don't get too invested in the second series, which sees the original gang of survivors who made it through the unleashing of a plague, haunted by a mysterious group who are known as the Lab.

They're scientists who avoided the initial infection and will do everything in their power to find a cure.

So with the scavengers doing what they can to get by, and the Lab closing in on them, the scene's set for a showdown.

Gritty and dramatic in places, Survivors is a watchable series - Greg Paterson and Julie Graham are the two main stand outs in the cast - and Max Beesley's edgy criminal adds a frisson to the proceedings.

The second series of the pandemic drama ends maddeningly on a cliffhanger which is unlikely to be resolved thanks to cancellation.

Engrossing drama it may be - but you can see creatively that some of the strains were showing and the ideas running out a little - however, Survivors Series Two will be a necessity to those who've invested in the first; but may be not so much to those who're new to it.

Rating: 6/10

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