Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Tomorrow, When The War Began: Blu Ray Review

Tomorrow, When The War Began: Blu Ray Review

Tomorrow, When The War Began
Rating: M
Released by Universal Home Entertainment

Based on the very popular books by John Marsden comes this version of Tomorrow, When The War Began, starring former Neighbours actress Caitlin Stasey stars as Ellie Linton, the beloved heroine of many a reader, living out in the Aussie town of Wirrawee.

Overnight, an invasion force arrives - and with all the population rounded up, suddenly Ellie and her friends (who are away camping) are the only hope to strike back.

Tomorrow When The War Began is the kind of film you can gather the family together on a Sunday afternoon and sit down and watch.

The ensemble cast do well - even if the director appears to have gone nuts with the FX budget turning every minor explosion into a serious screen shredding destruction.

With an underplayed appeal, the film's more intimate scenes work well and this Tomorrow, When The War Began is a promising start to the saga.

Extras: Profiles, making of, director's commentary, alternate ending and behind the scenes - a good solid bunch.

Rating: 7/10 

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