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Cars 2: Blu Ray Review

Cars 2: Blu Ray Review

Cars 2
Rating: PG
Released by Sony Home Ent and Disney
So, Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) and his pal Mater (Larry The Cable Guy) return in this sequel to the 2006 smash about animated cars.

This time round, there's more racing mixed in with a heavy side of industrial espionage.

When McQueen's goaded into taking part in the World Grand Prix by the flashy racing car Francesco (John Turturro), he pulls together a team to help him win the day. On that team is hillbilly tow truck and long term friend Mater. But through a series of mix ups, Mater finds himself involved in Finn McMissile (Michael Caine) and his quest to break an industrial spy ring
And that causes rifts between the two friends - can the rocky road to winning bring them back together in this global adventure?

There's nothing wrong with this sequel - it's bright, it's flashy and its animation is once again top notch (particularly the absolutely incredible global backgrounds which are brought to life)- and it's great entertainment for the young (and admittedly the young at heart.)

But I felt a little let down at the end of it - the adventures of Mater take top billing and sideline McQueen to the pitstop and I think in some ways, that's where it lacks a little heart and warmth as you'd come to expect from a Pixar flick. The film's very much a derring do tale of spies and espionage but it suffers a little from a lack of comedy as it treads the usual "embarassed by my buddy abroad" and "Culture clash" ground. There are laughs and some smart visual gags here and there, but I think this one's more aimed at the younger end (and the kids at the screening loved it) than the whole gamut as other Pixar films are wont to do.
Extras: Commentary, brilliant Toy Story short and little else

Rating: 6/10

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