Monday, 21 November 2011

Game Review: Rayman Origins

Game Review: Rayman Origins

Rayman Origins
Released by Ubisoft
Platform: PS3
I've never encountered Rayman before - even though he appeared on the scene back in 1995.
However, if this latest platformer is anything to go by, I'll certainly be seeking out some of his former outings.
The side scrolling game, which can accommodate four players in total, sees Rayman having to fight off enemies in levels, gather up "Electoons" (a kind of emoticon but I'm guessing they couldn't use that exact name), Lums (a kind of firefly creature with a sunshiney glow) and free the Nymphs of the world after an Underworld granny is disturbed and unleashes her minions upon them.
And that description will tell you everything you need to know about Rayman - if you'd not met him before.
The cartoonish graphics are perhaps best described as demented and reminiscent in some ways of Ren and Stimpy; however, Rayman Origins is very, very playable and ever so slightly addictive in its madness. Whether it's bounding around collecting lums, blasting grannies or climbing on mosquitos and shooting through the skies, there's a collective lunacy to this French based game which is highly endearing and utterly addictive.
Each level has several aims within - you have to either collect a certain number of Lums, achieve a time goal or get through unscathed. It means each level rewards multi plays and if you're just short of a target number, you'll bound right back into it straight away.
Rayman Origins is at heart, a really good fun platformer - with the multi player options, different animation and ease of play, it's great fun right from the get go for gamers of any age - and for those who've never been part of the franchise, it's a great leaping in point.

Rating: 8/10 

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