Thursday, 17 November 2011

Project Nim: Movie Review

Project Nim: Movie Review

Project Nim
Rating: 7/10
Cast: Nim The Chimp, Bob Angelini, Bern Cohen and Renne Falitz
Director: James Marsh
In 1970s Manhattan, a newborn chimp was taken from its mother and deposited in a family home as part of an experiment to see if said chimp can pick up sign language and construct sentences.
Nim was the chimp - and the effects of what happened forms the basis of this engrossing and horrifying documentary from the team who made Man On Wire.
Don't worry, it's not a precursor to Planet of the Apes, more of a look at how far we can go sometimes as humans and it's terrifying in many ways.The doco uses home movie footage and pictures and modern day interviews to construct a well told tale and a journey which will occasionally leave you agog as to what was achieved,what was abandoned and what the cost was to our humanity and those whose lives Nim was part of.

This doco is utterly mesmerizing, heartbreaking and also wondrous in its narrative style - disappointingly,some questions are left unanswered but what emerges is a tale of betrayal, mistrust, anger and a chimp who changed lives. A remarkably good doco Project Nim is a stylish and engaging piece looking at the human condition.

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