Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Waiting for Superman: DVD Review

Waiting for Superman: DVD Review

Waiting for Superman
Rating: PG
Released by Universal Home entertainment

Waiting for Superman is a doco about the American education system and its failings.

From Davis Guggenheim (who brought us An Inconvenient Truth) its USP is that this doco blames weak teachers for the failing students rather than the system itself.

Choosing to follow a clutch of kids from all sides of America and their families who want the best for them educationally, it manages to humanize the issue. Throw into the mix some inspirational teachers who're trying to make the difference after realizing what's wrong and some damning evidence (and some anecdotal) about where it's going wrong and you've got a fairly potent mix.

Mix in animations and clips from the School of Rock and The Simpsons and Waiting for Superman aims to get its message out to all - many will appreciate what it's saying; some will feel, once again, that the doco maker is following his own agenda.

Rating: 6/10

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