Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Thief: PS3 Review

Thief: PS3 Review

Released by Square Enix
Platform: PS3

Sneak'em'ups have never fully been my forte when it comes to gaming.

You see, I'm more of a go-in-all-guns-blazing kind of guy, with no hint of strategy or subtlety - but for Thief, I had to radically reappraise that approach to get anywhere in the game.

Taking on the role of master thief Garrett, who disappeared after being out on a job, only to return a year later to an area known as The City and tries to piece together what exactly happened to him....

And cue lots of skulking about in shadows, picking pockets and generally thieving your way around as you travel through the city. During missions, it's easy to get distracted by the thievery and is clearly there to stop you from completing your goals. As you move around the dark, dimly lit city, you'll find there are less and less shadows about which makes it kind of hard to skulk around - but it forces you to refine your skills and also to work out exactly what you want to do.

It's here that Thief really kind of comes into its own, particularly in this world that has given us the likes of Dishonoured and trained us into thinking about how to reach a target or complete a mission. Throw into the mix a revolution as well and there's plenty for Garrett to get his teeth into. The game changes along with your choices and you get graded at the end of each level, so there's an incentive to do your best, rather than to simply hurtle through the level for completion.

Along with the ability to focus to heighten Garrett's chances of effecting his aims, there's plenty within to keep you entertained, particularly if you have the OCD tendencies to open every single cabinet and thieve as much as you can.

Overall, Thief looks striking and the definition within the dark environment is certainly worth praise in itself - there are certainly a fair few game play elements that seem familiar to other games of its ilk, but if you're willing to overlook those foibles, you can find yourself with time stolen away as you delve deep in to the world of Thief.


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