Friday, 14 March 2014

Fable Anniversary: XBox 360 Review

Fable Anniversary: XBox 360 Review

Released by Microsoft Studios
Platform: XBox 360

I'm not aware of the original Fable which was one of the biggest RPGs on the Xbox, so a reissue came as something of news to me.

The original was back in 2004, so a decade on, you could be forgiven for thinking this was due an HD remaster - and here it is, revamped for the 360's HD ways. In Fable, you star as a young boy, who's lost his family after an attack and who has to make his way through the Heroes Guild, with vengeance on his mind.

With attributes for magic and dexterity, as well as strength, there's time to build up your skills as the game progresses - combat gives you XP which must be collected and it's fairly self explanatory on that front. Moral choices are also in play here, and it's clear to see that back in 2004 this game would have been at the forefront of the wave of RPGs, given that it's all about choices as well (which inform so many of today's games of a similar ilk).

Nostalgia will play a large part in this game for those who loved it the first time around - with missions, wagers and the ability to boast proving to be a big part of the game, there's certainly enough to keep gamers interested. Though it has to be said, given what we get nowadays, the quality of Fable Anniversary may come up a little wanting.


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