Thursday, 20 March 2014

Generation Iron: Movie Review

Generation Iron: Movie Review

Director: Vlad Yudin

It's to the beefed up world of body building that this doco goes.

From some of those involved in the original classic Pumping Iron, comes this new doco which looks at the people involved in bringing their bodies to the fore at the Mr Olympia competition.

Chances are you've possibly not heard of this competition before - it's one that Arnold Schwarzenegger's won 7 times and considers the height of entertainment within its domain.

Yudin chooses to follow some prospective hopefuls as they build up to the competition and their road to the top - the likes of Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Branch Warren, Hidetada Yamagishi to name but a few.

From an opening shot of a pumped up beefcake doing a sensitive pencil drawing, you can tell Yudin's trying to smash a few stereotypes and reveal the personalities behind the attention grabbing bodies. It's no spoiler to say they're not exactly what you expect - a bodybuilder who's driven by his mum - but it's no surprise either that their characters are away from their on stage personas.

Along with Mickey Rourke's gruff and slightly dry, grinding voiceover (an inspired choice though, nevertheless) the film will probably appeal to those who've got an interest already in the subject matter, rather than attracting newcomers to the sport and theatrics of those involved. Whilst it's a watchable doco, it's less than gripping and occasionally the interest wanes.

That said, Generation Iron pokes a small hole in the psyche of those willing to exploit their bodies for the quest of physical perfection - but it's a once over lightly rather than a deeply engrossing piece.


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