Sunday, 16 March 2014

Doctor Who: The Web of Fear: DVD Review

Doctor Who: The Web of Fear: DVD Review

Rating: PG
Released by BBC and Roadshow Home Ent

Feared missing for years and only recently re-discovered, The Web of Fear represents a minor miracle in the Doctor Who world.

It's an iconic story which sees Patrick Troughton's Second Doctor pitted against the Yeti in the London Underground. With the Great Intelligence determined to defeat the Earth and its combined forces, the Doctor soon finds he's confronted by seemingly insurmountable odds.

The Web of Fear is simply good solid Doctor Who fun, with a few scares here and there. Five parts of the six are now here, with one still missing, but with none of the atmosphere lost. Troughton really brings his A game to this - and you're transported along on the journey with him; the Yeti lumber about and the Underground's very well used.

If there's a nostalgic tint to this story, it's one of joy that it's been found. Though, that joy may quickly go when you realise no love has been given to this disc, with no special features of any sort whatsoever. It's a cynical cash in and a crushing blow after the recent sterling work on the range.


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