Sunday, 3 August 2014

Bluestone 42: DVD Review

Bluestone 42: DVD Review

Rating: R16
Released by BBC and Roadshow Home Ent

An 8 part comedy set in Afghanistan and focussing on a British bomb disposal squad sounds like it would be something a little bit different.

Billed as a mix between The Hurt Locker and Miranda, it's an odd mismatch of comedy, war and shaky camera movements. The action is set in motion after the death of Mike McShane's character, a brash American who's killed after removing his helmet while the squad's trying to clear a route. That death brings onto the scene a new female padre whom the head of the unit tries to seduce, setting up a series of black comedy moments from the squad as well as the war.

Bluestone 42 has moments of genius, but then dishes out a script that's as predictable as some of the broadest BBC comedy. Some fall flat and are predictable, others showcase the black humour to its real potential for this Dad's Army x Afghanistan x Miranda. While the premise is to be lauded, and the fact it's made three series shows that it's been popular, it's not quite edgy enough for this critic and feels occasionally like it's holding back, to get a simple laugh rather than show a smarter side.

Extras: Outtakes


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