Saturday, 30 August 2014

Wolf Creek 2: Director's Cut: Blu Ray Review

Wolf Creek 2: Director's Cut: Blu Ray Review

Rating: R18
Released by Roadshow Home Ent

Mick is back.

After haunting up peoples' worlds in the 2005 movie Wolf Creek, there's been a long drink between these films.

Based on actual events and likely to be an advertisement for the Aussie outback which no-one wants, Mick Taylor returns to scare up another set of unsuspecting backpackers. This time around, Mick initially terrorises the police as he goes pig hunting, before turning his attention to two German backpackers. When he's forced to kill one of them, another goes on the run, inadvertently bringing a Brit traveller into the horrific games and brutal fight for survival.

Wolf Creek 2 is deeply unpleasant in parts, though, it has to be said nowhere near as bad as the first film which spawned this Aussie menace. With the initial police sequence appearing to be something more out of parody than fright, it feels like the tone is a little sillier than before with Mick reduced more to a caricature than an horrific figure. After the start though, the film shifts back into familiar horror and Wolf Creek territory as the game gets increasingly more concerted and perverse.

While Wolf Creek 2 won't be for all tastes, it's certainly a horror that knows what it wants - but by throwing in sarcastic quips from Mick after his killings, it feels cheaper than before, but still as effective.

Extras: Commentary: Making of, deleted scenes


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