Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Doctor Who New Zealand airdate revealed

Doctor Who New Zealand airdate revealed

Fans of Doctor Who need hold their (Deep) breath no longer.

Prime TV has revealed this afternoon when the first episode of the new Peter Capaldi series will air.

Sunday August 31st at 7.30pm on PRIME is when you can expect to see the brand new series, starring Peter Capaldi making his debut as the Doctor and Jenna Coleman as Clara.

Five new Doctor Who images featuring Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor and Jenna Coleman as Clara have shown up in a new issue of Entertainment Weekly.

The shots are below for you to enjoy:

Here's your first look at the Doctor Who Series 8 Full length trailer

With the brand new series of Doctor Who, starring Peter Capaldi and Jenna-Louise Coleman about to materialise on our screens, has the first look at the 12th Doctor in the opening episode Deep Breath.

Deep Breath also stars the Paternoster Gang and as you can see from the image, appears to be set in Victorian Times.

Doctor Who hits the UK on August 23rd at a rumoured time of 8pm for the feature length episode Deep Breath, directed by Ben Wheatley.

Take a first look at Peter Capaldi as the Doctor and Jenna Louise-Coleman as Clara.

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