Monday, 17 November 2014

Borderlands - The Pre-Sequel: PS3 Review

Borderlands - The Pre-Sequel: PS3 Review

Platform: PS3
Released by 2K Games

It's more first person shooter lunacy from the 2K Games team and the third outing for the popular Borderlands series in this latest.

You've got the chance to take on one of four quirky characters in the latest outing which takes place between Borderlands and its sequel, and gives rise to Handsome Jack before he became the bad guy we all know and love.

You start off as part of a group of Vault Hunters who are off to the moon of Elpis and given a stack of various quests to carry out. All with the usual Borderlands degree of lunacy, psychopathy and general nuttiness. It's exactly what you'd expect from the game which appears to be a bizarre mix of FPS and a Gorillaz video with some Jamie Hewlett style sensibilities.

Using various weapons and O2 kits (knowingly titled Oz kits in a nod out to the Aussie brethren who've pulled this small piece of anarchy together) you could crash around the atmosphere and use your backside to bring down the bad guys (seriously, this is the kind of lunacy that prevails here) as well as co-oping with a group of mates to take on the remaining characters, and utilising plenty of weaponry to achieve your aims.

There's certainly enough to keep you amused and immersed in the Borderlands world - even if the shooting side of it all feels a little uninspired and unoriginal, it's certainly well presented and playable enough shenanigans. More solid than spectacular, (particularly given how Destiny's changed things up this year for the FPS), Borderlands The Pre-Sequel is worth your time if you're a dyed-in-the-wool Borderlands fan. Insanity and stupidity are the orders of the day here - and while there's nothing wrong with that, don't be surprised if the rise of Handsome Jack doesn't quite grab you in the way you'd hope it would.


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