Thursday, 20 November 2014

Life Of Crime: Movie Review

Life Of Crime: Movie Review

Cast: Jennifer Aniston, Mos Def, Isla Fisher, Tim Robbins, Will Forte, John Hawkes
Director: Daniel Schechter

Elmore Leonard makes another outing onto the big screen with this adaptation of one of his novels.

It's your classic crim movie as well, with two down-on-their-luck guys (Def and Hawkes) deciding to kidnap Jennifer Aniston's wealthy woman, confident that her husband (Tim Robbins) will stump up the ransom. But the trouble is, he's on the edge of divorcing her so that he can make his mistress (Isla Fisher) happy...

Soon, the duo is struggling to work out how they can pull this back.

Life Of Crime is solid if unspectacular fare, that really sits within the genre but hardly challenges it.

Aniston's fine as the woman who realises her place in the world has changed; Robbins, though, verges on parody as the cheating hubbie. Def and Hawkes make a watchable enough pair and have enough charm to carry the movie through.

It's not one of the best Leonard adaptations, but it certainly isn't a bad film that's not worthy of your time. It's nice to see Aniston flexing her dramatic muscles, but it's not quite enough to raise Life Of Crime into the higher echelons of the genre because while it looks the part with its 70s recreations, it's lacking the sparkle and fizz that you'd remember from other Elmore Leonard adaptations like Justified and Get Shorty.


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