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Lords of The Fallen: PS4 Review

Lords of The Fallen: PS4 Review

Platform: PS4
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Hack and slash gets a medieval entry in the form of Lords of the Fallen from German developer Deck 13 Interactive.

Set in a world where no sin is forgotten thanks to them being handily marked all over your body, you play Harkyn, a convicted criminal who's given another chance for redemption.

Gloomy and quite difficult to negotiate your way around initially, Lords Of The Fallen is a game which rewards patience and investment in Harkyn, its world and its character. Early tutorials may take a little time to get into if you're after a quick fix and there's no denying that there's a lot of darkness on display which makes finding things quite a difficult task to start off.

But the feel of Lords Of the Fallen is one that really works - each conflict and attack as you wield your shield and sword feels weighty as the blade falls on your enemy. It's also not a quick fight either with most enemies needing a bit of time to be beaten and a little effort rather than simply pressing the same buttons over and over again. Killing enemies gains you XP as well and powers you up to ensure you're ready for the next attack and all that it brings.

As you wander around the castle, there are audio scrolls located about which help you to get a sense of the world within and offer up some form of story telling which is lacking throughout the rest of this game that has parallels to Dark Souls.

Sadly though, it also relies on the old RPG adage of choosing conversations with other characters and it's here that potentially the game unspools a little as it makes you choose turgid nonsensical questions and answers to get through the elements. Really, these could have been jettisoned as it's rare that it actually adds to the feel of the piece.

All in all, Lords of the Fallen feels somewhat slow and takes a lot to get into - if you're a fan of the genre, you'll be impressed. If not, you may find your patience sorely tested.


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