Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Hitman: Episode 2: Sapienza: PS4 Review

Hitman: Episode 2: Sapienza: PS4 Review

Platform: PS4
Released by Square Enix and IO Interactive

The Hitman episodic release schedule may have irritated some, but given the depth and breadth of episode 1 and the scope of the Italian Job in episode 2, it's an irritation that is unfounded.

This time around, Agent 47 is hitting the streets of Sapienza, and its gorgeous vistas to take out target Silvio Caruso, a brilliant bio-engineer who's been working on a DNA-specific virus that could signal bad things for everyone around the world.

Sounds simple? And in true Hitman style, once again it is - as long as you have all the right pieces in place for the execution.

Sapienza is a location that is dressed in beauty.

From its wider map and its beach side shops and other settings, it's a level that encourages exploration before you uncover extinction of your target.

As ever the Opportunities system which randomly presents itself to you while passers-by lurk help provide you with clues as to what to do or what you could do, but it's all about the information-gathering before the hit is executed.

In terms of the gameplay, not much changes with episode 2 but what does emerge is that the episodic structure is really working out for Hitman.

In any other game, the zipping through levels that have clearly been designed with time in mind wouldn't serve to benefit this game - these are areas that crave exploration and duly reward you for doing so in the long run. Plus, with something that looks as gorgeous as Sapienza, the pressure's on to take it all in, rather than race to complete it within a certain time level.

From the high profile of the Paris hit to the more relaxed vibe of Sapienza's seaside locale, it's clear the game's shaping up to be something quite special and varied, which is more than a bonus.

As this game rolls out, it's clear Agent 47 is bang on target.

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