Monday, 2 May 2016

Republique: PS4 Review

Republique: PS4 Review

Platform: PS4

With overtones of 1984, the dystopian story of Republique feels very much like it takes its time to get you into the story and the characters.

Set within the facility known as Metamorphosis, and concentrating on a character called Hope, you are tasked with the possibility of helping her, before she is "re-programmed" by the masses within. Full of cameras and options to view round, you're going to need all of your skills to help and ultimately try to free Hope before the state wins.

Based on an episodic iOs game and ported over to the PlayStation, Republique is a game that requires some patience to claim an ultimate reward. The stealth-adventure title needs you to be able to plan what you want to do and to execute it in a manner that's deft, clever and requires you to think ahead about what is needed.

Flicking around cameras proves to be a clever touch in this tale that lingers on its surveillance ways in a clever mantra that feeds into the dystopian feel of the game - heck, even titling the heroine Hope is a sledgehammer move that somehow manages to work.

Simple controls make moving Hope an easy task, and given this is one of the major advantages of the PlayStation version, it's no wonder the game's a bit more immersive than it ever was.

Simply executed and beautifully rendered in parts, Republique is a player experience that really somehow manages to defy expectation and description. It's a stealth game that requires thought and an immersive experience that somehow manages to transcend its origins and becomes its own beast.

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