Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Silicon Valley Season 2: Blu Ray Review

Silicon Valley Season 2: Blu Ray Review

Rating: R16
Released by Warner Home Video

In the second series of the brilliant Silicon Valley, it's back to our inept team of wannabes at Pied Piper as they continue their slow ascent to greatness.

This year, the gang are faced with the death of one of their potential buyers and threatened with lawsuits from Google rip-off Hooli, as well as forced to deal with the potential theft of their algorithm.

But it all builds up to a shock at the end of the season when the CEO of Pied Piper faces an insurmountable threat that could ruin their future as a company.

Treading the fine line between awkward and hilarious, Silicon Valley's second season remains as fresh as the first with the politics of corporations coming under scrutiny as much as the inept leadership of start ups.

Both Thomas Middleditch (as Hendricks) and TJ Miller (as Bachman) stand out in a cast that impresses all around. While they're given the majority of the dramatic weight, they're still prone to the more slapstick elements of the stories. However, there's equally enough from the rest of the ensemble who find themselves in situations beyond their control.

Funny, satirical and strongly written Silicon Valley Season 2 remains as fresh as the first season. With the third season on the way, there are no signs of this slowing down and no signs yet of any of the writing starting to flag.

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  1. being a fan I repeatedly watched all the episodes especially of the season 2 in 2017 sounds strange but hmmmm... the “Blood Boy” is okay as a transitional episode — and as a
    pretty funny riff on the Peter Thiel-style vampiric efforts at life extension. it’s also an illustration that the series’ general commitment to making Richard and Pied Piper the A plot every time out can be a little bit limiting.